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A great product to Jump Start a weight loss program. Excellent customer service.

Yvonne Cline

I'm seriously blown away by how much weight I've lost in just my first week. Thank You Simply Weight Loss! This product is as good as you say it is!!!

Wendy Hilliard

Simply weight loss helped me achieve my goals quick! I had a ton of questions and the staff were very understanding and answered all my questions. They were polite and knowledgeable. I recommend Simply Weight Loss to everyone!

Daniel Hathaway

Love simply weight loss I've lost 20+ pounds and it's easy to use and keep up with even if you have a busy crazy life and the support staff has been great

Linda Graham

I had to be ready - seriously ready to do what it takes. Simply Weight Loss offered me the right tools and the right direction to make sure I met my goal. In short, As ready as I was... I could not have done it with out them! THANK YOU to the entire Simply Weight Loss staff!!

Tim Collins

Really love the products and the customer support is awesome

Kevin Clements

Easy way to slim down and change your eating habits. Great support !

Dana Halsey

SWL has definitely worked for me. Any other method I have tried only gave me a 5-10 pound difference. I was not optimistic that this would be any different, but I have lost 27 pounds to date and the weight loss continues after the product is finished. I would recommend the product to anyone!!


Wonderful customer service, and over all a good product! You definitely will see and experience results!

Matthew Ball

Simply Weight Loss worked Great for me. I lost 42 lbs.in 12 weeks and feel really great. I followed the instructions and stayed with the diet and I'm really pleased with the results.

Thomas Clark

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