Carbo-Block and Fat Stabilizer Bundles


Pairs perfectly with all of our kits to help SPEED UP your weight loss!

Small Bundle Includes:

3 bottles of Carbo-Blocks

3 bottles of Fat Stabilizers

For ONLY $468

Medium Bundle Includes:

6 bottles of Carbo-Blocks

6 bottles of Fat Stabilizers

For ONLY $867

The MORE you take, the FASTER you lose!


These products can be used in two different ways:

When taken in conjunction with the two main products, the day and night time herbs, they can help speed up your weight loss. If you are like most people, you want the weight off yesterday! Most people add extra Carbo-Blocks and Fat Stabilizers to their Peak Performance and Intro Kits when ordering. When taken by themselves, they are designed to help you maintain your weight loss results.

*Carbo-Blocks and Fat Stabilizers come as PART OF YOUR PEAK PERFORMANCE AND INTRO KITS* 

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You can always order Carbo-Blocks and Fat Stabilizers individually.

However, when you order them with one of our Bundle options, you save more money per bottle!